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Woodland Franchise
Franchise Category : Footwear Franchise
Sector : Formal footwear franchise
Service : footwear
Concept : To Be part of leading footwear franchise
Territory : PAN INDIA
Training Provided : Yes we do provide training
Marketing Support : yes we provide marketing support
Agreement Term : 5 years
Number Of Units : 200 plus
Units Outside Country : have strong international presence
Investment Required : 50- 1 crs
Business Established : not defined
Franchising Commenced : 2000
Qualifications Required : Good business acumen

About Us

About woodland

Woodland's parent company, Aero Group, has been a well known name in the outdoor shoe industry since the early 50s. Founded in Quebec, Canada, it entered the Indian market in 1992. Before that, Aero Group was majorly exporting its leather shoes to USSR. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union into various states, the group decided to launch some of its products in India. Hence, the first hand-stitched leather shoe was launched, which took the entire shoe market by storm. That shoe made the brand 'Woodland'.

woodland & adventure

Over the years, the appetite for adventure sports has been on the rise. It is the spirit of adventure that defines Woodland. A spirit that is willing to stretch the levels of human endurance; a spirit that desires to reach the furthest frontiers; a spirit that craves to venture into the unknown. Ever since the beginning, Woodland has successfully brought together the power of the human will and the rewards of discovery.

With a brand vision

'TO EMPOWER EXPLORERS EVERYWHERE', Woodland positions itself as a rugged, outdoor shoe brand, preferred by adventure enthusiasts.

Our products

Woodland offers an extensive line of footwear, performance apparel and outdoor gear. Whether it's a lightweight jacket for active pursuits or a summit tested parka for the coldest places on earth, the focus is on creating truly functional solutions for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts. Whether you're new to outdoor adventure or are a seasoned pro, Woodland's gear keeps you dry and warm for the trails and slopes.


Our stores

Now, an internationally recognized brand with retail outlets in countries like Hong Kong and Singapore, Woodland began its journey with a single store in India. At present, Woodland has over 600 exclusive brand outlets across the country along with shelf space in 5500 MBOs.

Manufacturing Facilities

Woodland has its own integrated manufacturing unit and the products are assembled in seven countries under the guidance of experienced manufacturers and industry experts. This allows Woodland to test proprietary production techniques and fully develop and commercialize the innovative products. The varied activities are hardcore, and warrant unrivaled protection across different terrains and climates. That is why, Woodland refuses to compromise on quality or performance for any reason and all of its products meet the highest quality standards for outdoor performance.

Technology & Innovation

The increasing diversity of outdoor activity requires creative solutions that meet the quest for adventure. That's where Woodland's expertise comes into picture. It combines activity focused designs and technologically advanced materials available, created in the most innovative and effective manner possible. The raw materials used for shoes including soles are manufactured in-house. Italian machinery is used for tanning and finishing the hand-picked Italian hides. German technology is used to manufacture tough rubber soles. Direct Injection Process (DIP) is used for PU/TPU soles, produced by German giant Desma's advanced machines and robots. This perfect synergy of design, material and construction is the target Woodland strives for in every product.


Environment & Responsibility

Woodland has always been in sync with nature and thus uses recycled consumer and industrial waste products for internal operations as well. The products' hangtags and the company's business cards are printed on certified 100% recycled paper. The company upholds its position in the green movement by partnering with many environmentally conscious partners such as Leave No Trace, UNICEF, WWF and many more. Woodland is focused on energy conservation and elimination of waste in order to minimize its environmental footprint. In keeping with the brand's eco-conscious philosophy, Woodland came up with a Pro-planet community which focuses on causing minimal harm to the environment through eco-friendly products and stores.

Woodland maintains an unswerving commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly business practices through innovation and technology. Woodland shares a passion for adventure, nature, exploring and preserving the planet Earth. Hence, the brand mantra 'Explore More' is integrated into every product it manufactures and the activities it is associated with.



Each year as we grow, we become more capable of working towards tangible, positive changes in our environmental practices. We have already made strong steps in the right direction and continue to explore new ways to become better stewards. We have partnered with several national and international organisations and introduced alternatives under our Proplanet initiative to reduce our operational impact on the environment and consciously work towards a sustainable future. We continue to search for eco friendly materials and processes that meet or exceed our performance standards. All our product hangtags, as well as our company business cards are printed on certified 100% post consumer recycled paper. To reduce the total amount of paper used in our marketing materials, and the energy consumed to make and recycle them we are moving towards more electronic billing, publishing and communication. This will offer consumers greater information at their fingertips, while reducing the volumes of our printed materials. Woodland will maintain an unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainable business practices and keep its tradition of promoting outdoor and adventure sports worldwide while reinforcing the Woodland brand mantra, Explore More.

The Opportunity

to be part of multinational footwear chain

Our Products

Foot Wear And Apperals

Store Locations

Pan India

Business Model

Can be share as per the request

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Primary Contact

Name : Franchiseneed.Com
Job Title : Consultant
Telephone : 9891236280
Mobile : 9311039619

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