Chicken Company Pizza Franchise

Chicken Company Pizza
Franchise Category : Food and Beverages Franchise
Sector : Fast Food & Beverages franchise
Service : Fast Food & Beverages Franchise
Concept : Chilly chicken pizza is a thin crust, hand rolled pizza topped with in house tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, seasoned with chilly chicken boneless breast
Territory : PAN India
Training Provided : The initial training program for the Operating Principal and management personnel will take place of seven (7) days.
Marketing Support : Professional Food Visuals. Offer Pizza by the Slice. Group Combo Packages. Effective Coupon Offers. Local Listings Online. Replace Plastic Punch Cards. Segment Email Lists. Engage on Mobile Channels.
Agreement Term : 9 years
Number Of Units : 150
Units Outside Country : 155
Investment Required : 5-10 lac
Business Established : 1980
Franchising Commenced : 2001
Qualifications Required : Work experience as a Pizza Chef or similar role in a restaurant. Hands-on experience with preparing and baking pizza doughs. Familiarity with professional kitchen equipment and brick or stone oven. Understanding of food hygiene. Good time-management skills.

About Us

It is a trustworthy choice on the long list of toppings. Chicken is delicious with even simple seasoning and proper cooking, and when you make it a pizza topping, it becomes more flavorful. New York Pizza can help you find the best symphony of flavors to satisfy all of your taste buds!


pizza with chicken as the main topping, this is frozen.

The Opportunity

Appetizer, Side Kicks, Sea Food, Combo, Fried-Chicken, Dips, Pizza, Burger, Rice, Wraps, Salads-Pastas

Our Products

Chicken, Vegetables, Pizza Base, Sugar, Iodised Salt, Spices & Condiments.

Store Locations

PAN India

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Name : Franchise Need
Job Title : Consultant
Telephone : 9311039619
Mobile : 9891236280

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