The Un-restaurateurs of Bengaluru

20 Feb 2020

The Un-restaurateurs of Bengaluru   One of the most special parts of a meal is listening to the chef, the one who toiled and tailored the spread, talk about the stories and inspirations behind each and every dish. But it’s an experience that is sadly missing in many restaurants because they cook and cater on a very different scale. We don’t blame them. But we do crave something more…. personal, yet peppered with passion. This is something that lures diners to our platform and what encourages more home cooks to share their culinary heritage. Our home chefs are still in the hospitality business, in a way. But they do it on their own terms and in their own special ways. Here are some of Bangalore’s most wonderful Un-Restaurateurs who are changing the way we experience our meals.   Tapti: “I share my culture and heritage with my diners through my food.” Tapti Patniak has always loved to cook and experiment with food. It was only fitting that she would sign up to Authenticook when it launched in Bengaluru. While she is adept in many different cuisines, she decided to go back to her roots – to Orissa – when she planned out her menu. The result: An authentic Odia meal with simple, everyday flavours and a slice of her culture and heritage. “Everything I know about Odia food, I learned from my mother and grandmother,” she says. “My childhood was spent in Orissa gathered around friends, family and food. Every one of my dishes has a story. Through my cooking, I share my culture and heritage with my diners.” Home chef Tapti's 'Odia On Your Plate'.   Sumitra: “You will not find this style of food in any restaurant in Bangalore.” What started off as a passion for food turned into a business for home chef, Sumitra (last name) when diners started to realise how niche and unique her food was. Indeed, she makes a good point when she passionately proclaims that her style of food, Andhra Brahmin from the West Godavari district, is impossible to find anywhere outside of Andhra Pradesh. Well, Bangalore is rather lucky to have someone as passionate as Sumitra sharing her unique flavours with us. Yes, it’s vegetarian and almost sattvic in his shunning of onions and garlic. But those who have dined at her abode keep returning for more. “My food is very simple,” she says. “But it’s also very unique. Unless you try it, you will never understand the beauty of the flavours.” Good point! Make a reservation soon, we say. Home chef Sumitra's 'Mango Flavours From Andhra'. Ruksana: “I love that I can work at my own pace.” Looking for the most delicious biryani in Bangalore? Look no further because Rukshana Sarguroh has you covered. What’s more is that it doesn’t get more authentic than this because Ruksana’s biryani is actually put on dum on a coal fired sigdi which gives it a lovely smoky flavor. We imagine that’s how the Mughals liked it too. “I did think about opening a restaurant at one point,” she says. “But it’s just too much of a headache. This allows me to cook for a crowd, which is my passion, and take care of my family at the same time. It truly allows me to work at my own pace.” Home chef Ruksana's 'Shahi Dastakhan'. Check out all details about the in-home dining experience here.   Shubha: “I have always liked hospitality and I love meeting new people.” Shubha Timmaiah got into catering Coorg cuisine from home when she was still living in Mumbai a few years ago and missed the food from her hometown. It was a wonderful experience for the home chef who realised that her dream was to open her own establishment. “Not a full-fledged restaurant,” says Shubha, who relocated to Bangalore recently. “Maybe a take away place or something.” Judging by the response she has been getting from diners in the month since she joined Authenticook, we believe she will be a household name in Coorg cuisine in no time! “My diners are all foodies across different age groups,” she says. “It’s a wonderful experience getting to know each other and bonding over food.” Home chef Shubha's 'From The Kitchens of Coorg'.   Chandralekha: “Every chef would say they’re passionate about food. But I’m also passionate about socializing and getting to know my diners.” Authentic Marwari homestyle food in the heart of Bangalore? We could we not know for so long? That’s because Chandralekha Surekha has been dabbling in many different styles of cuisines but it was Authenticook that gave her the outlet to focus exclusively on a menu rooted in her culture and culinary heritage. “Marwari/Rajasthani food is in my blood,” she says. “I love socialising and I love people. I also love talking about food, culture and sharing experiences.” Home chef Chandralekha's 'Sajangoth - A Marwari Meal'.    

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