Barista Franchise

Franchise Category : Food and Beverages Franchise
Sector : Cafe
Service : Cafe
Concept : A barista is an espresso machine “coffee artist” who has extensive knowledge about coffee and prepares, decorates and serves drinks to the customer. Barista (m/f) is the Italian word for barkeeper. The Italian plural form is baristi (m) or bariste (f).
Territory : PAN India
Training Provided : So, generally speaking, a barista starts to gain competency after three months but is not fully proficient until after at least a year. However, this is not a hard-and-fast rule. You should expect your baristas to learn at slightly different rates.
Marketing Support : Connect with Customers Through Content Marketing. Express Your Coffee Brand Personality. Build Your Brand's Social Media Presence. Partner with Other Brands. Equip Your Website with Popular Payment Resources. Mobile Access and Mobile Marketing. Run an Email Campaign.
Agreement Term : 5 years
Number Of Units : 275
Units Outside Country : 02
Investment Required : 10-20 lakhs
Business Established : 2000
Franchising Commenced : 2001
Qualifications Required : High school diploma or equivalent. Experience in food and beverage preparation or customer service preferred. Training and willingness to continue learning about food and beverage preparation. Exceptional listening and communication skills. Ability to walk, bend, and stand for extended periods.

About Us

The Barista Style Coffee can be best described as a premium coffee that resembles the taste of a coffee brewed using the traditional approach and accentuated the flavour by incorporating fine coffee beans. There are different barista coffee types; Macchiato, Flat White, Americano, Latte, and others.


A Barista warmly welcomes customers into their establishment. They create and serve hot or cold beverages, often tailored to the customer's preferences. They are responsible for taking customer orders and payments. They also clean and sanitize their work areas, seating areas and equipment/tools.

The Opportunity

Is barista a good career? Being a barista can be fascinating and rewarding. It can also be demanding and is often low paid. Many baristas see the job as a short-term career because it's hard to support a desirable lifestyle on the wages, and there is often a lack of progression opportunities.

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